Convention sessions & tracks

Business & Marketing

Selling digital: Sales strategies to get a “yes”

Business operations for the modern college media organization

Increase your revenue: What to sell and how to sell it

Panel: The future of email newsletters


Internship intel: Landing and succeeding at journalism internships in NYC and beyond

Living and working in New York

Landing a journalism internship or job in Washington, D.C.

Internship tips from your Uncle Winter

How to freelance


Designing during a pandemic, Part 1

Designing during a pandemic, Part 2

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something by you

Guidelines for good newspaper design

Strong typography makes a difference

Award-winning print design

Digital & Broadcast

Finding the heart of the story

Pro tips: Working in a digital-first newsroom

Digital media today

Developing a documentary film department

Face-to-face with Facebook

Storytelling at MediaStorm

Google tools for your newsroom

Google tools for your newsroom

Pulling back the curtain on tech-powered news delivery

Remote TV broadcasts? No problem. Strategies for great campus news in a pandemic

Managing and staffing a college video platform

Partnering up:  The benefits of working with your local commercial station


How a devotion to copy editing and attention to detail can open your journalism career

Are you the best copy editor?

How to better edit yourself

Fake news and how to spot it

Leadership, Diversity & Innovation

The best of times, the worst of times: Working as a student journalist in a time of misinformation and attacks on democracy

Encompassing culture: Using StoryMap to create an indigenous tour of your campus

Mental health for Black student journalists

Can journalism pay reparations?

Dealing with grief in the age of COVID

Deadline dilemmas and difficult decisions: You make the call

Small staff, big opportunities

So now you’re on Zoom. How to bond with your team virtually

Leadership styles: Let’s find yours

Shifting your newsroom focus to communication and training

Dealing with conflict in the newsroom without throwing anything

How newsroom guilds are ensuring your future in journalism

Engaging journalism with entrepreneurship

Canva tips and tricks for the multi-platform newsroom

Improving your newsroom’s communication

Building community through journalism

The journalist’s evolution in a fast-changing landscape

Gender, diversity and inclusion in reporting

Connecting minority and social-justice college media outlets

Ushering newsrooms into a racially conscious age

Making journalism accessible

Correct me if I’m wrong

Can Design Thinking help innovate journalism?

Making your newsroom a breaking-news newsroom

Building trust with your readers: Tips & tools

Media Law

Covering #Metoo

ABCs of libel

So you’re suddenly digital-only: Legal issues in online editing and reporting

Silenced sources: When a global pandemic, college reputations and student media collide


Finding the heart of the story

How to build a better photo department (and retain your best photogs)

Being a photojournalist during a pandemic

Doing it all: Visual journalism in the age of COVID and unrest

Sports photojournalism: Take your best shot

You’re running what photo? Applying photojournalism ethics in the newsroom

Photojournalism during a pandemic

Shoot first and ask questions later

Photo editing: More than meets the eye

Moments beyond the obvious

Visual storytelling

Reporting & Specialty Reporting

The student sleuth

Great stories are about people, not things

Getting the story from anyone: Interviewing in depth

Your story, your voice

Solutions Journalism reporting

Covering crisis, exploring inequity: Covering breaking news and the deeper stories they reveal

Engaging your community in so many ways

How to write a compelling story about a speech or lecture

Coverage: There’s So. Much. More.

Find a face to make your story come alive

Interviewing tips for good storytelling

Datapalooza: Key education studies and databases you need to know

The benefits of content-sharing partnerships

Campus secrecy: An investigative podcast

Covering Breonna Taylor and systemic racism

How to become a journalism Swiss Army knife

News user types: Understand them for better promotion opportunities

Part 2: Reporting in a time of misinformation and attacks on the media: What’s a student journalist to do?

How student journalists can earn trust in a politicized world

Health reporting: Weaving human-interest angles into coverage of health trends

Reaching a national readership through local feature writing

Not your traditional beat: covering gender and family issues

The most important thing we do — almost — is cover a beat

Why religion reporting matters in the 21st Century

Where the money is: business reporting

Takin’ it to the streets: Urban journalism, faith experiences and multimedia storytelling

Writing about trauma in nonfiction

Covering sports in a pandemic

Schools indoor air quality and resulting learning

Sports during COVID

How to become a foreign correspondent

Business stories that you should be covering

Be better at blogging

Self-publishing your multimedia eBook

Covering news on a faith-based campus


Getting it together

Pivot: Adjusting coverage during and after a pandemic

Affinity groups

Black journalists

Women journalists

Latino American journalists


Sharing our successes


Visual journalism


Special sections

Projects and series

Broadcast programming

Small-group discussions

Reporting during a pandemic

Working together: editorial and advertising

Training your staff

Social media

Do we return to print or go all-digital?

Motivation and morale


How to deal with criticism

Audience-engagement ideas

Recruiting diverse voices

Dealing with difficult administrators

Communicating with your staff remotely

Alternative revenue streams

Student roundtables










How to justify a real grade in media labs

Part 1: What’s an adviser to do? Advising student media in a time of misinformation and attacks on the press

Advising deep dive: Administrative pitfalls and hurdles

Advisers only: Setting your ethical compass

Advisers: General discussion

Developing our code of ethics

Adviser happy hour

Popular pieces and peer-reviewed publications: An overview of College Media Review

Adviser roundtables

Community colleges


Legal and ethical issues

When editors fail to lead

Training programs

Private schools

Small programs

Media groups

Dealing with difficult administrators