CMA critiques

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How does 50 minutes of an expert’s undivided attention to review your student media content sound?

When you register for MediaFest22 online, add a critique with a CMA member, an expert in your particular media who will review your publication cover to cover or your website page by page.

You’ll direct the conversation to focus on whatever area you’d like to discuss the most — design, photo, writing, editing, coverage, processes, deadlines, conflicts, leadership, etc., or some mix therein.

Our goal is that you, your staff and your publication will learn and grow. CMA critiquers may ask about your vision, your audience and other specific areas so they have a better understanding of your needs.

And you’ll walk away with detailed recommendations, advice, examples and ideas to make your publication or site (and you and your staff) better.

Once you register for a critique, you’ll be emailed a few days before the convention starts to set your critique time at the convention.

Media for critique
Print Newspaper
Online News
Feature Magazine
Literary Magazine
Broadcast: Radio/Podcast
Broadcast: TV/Video

Fall National
College Media Convention

Oct. 27-30, 2022
Grand Hyatt Washington

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