Pre-convention Workshops

9 a.m.-noon Thursday, Oct. 25 | $50

Developing an On-air Personality
Being a radio personality takes … personality. And a focus on your local audience, especially if you want to build it. With people’s use of on-demand music services, you need to do more than just play music to build and maintain an audience, especially in college radio. At this interactive pre-convention workshop, you’ll learn how to strategically build your personal radio brand and build a following. You’ll also have a chance to showcase your best work by practicing some hands-on skills and getting feedback from radio professionals. College station managers will also learn how to manage radio personalities and think a about how their personalities contribute to the overall imaging of the station.
Jesse Rasmussen, 106.9 Play

Fast and Furious: The Society for News Design Quickcourse
This long-running pre-convention workshop is chock full of fresh ideas. We’ll tackle the fundamentals — story forms, strong visuals, tasteful typography and smart packaging. Then we’ll move into the trends in news design, with dozens of ideas for photos, graphics and stories from publications around the world. Bring copies of your publication, in print or PDF, for the best part of the QuickCourse — our group critiques.
Ryan Hildebrandt, Gannett Louisville Design Studio

Managing the 21st Century Newsroom
It’s not enough anymore to just worry about your section editors working with their reporters and photojournalists to produce solid content. Now you have to lead a newsroom that provides news to its community in many different ways. You’re doing it all with smaller budgets in a time when you’re accused of providing fake news. And you wouldn’t miss it for the world, because it’s the only place you want to be.
Kenna Griffin, Oklahoma City University; Mark Witherspoon, Iowa State Daily

New Voices Summit | FREE
Over the past 30 years, student press rights have narrowed. The New Voices movement seeks to create state-based legislative solutions to protect and defend student journalists and their advisers. There are currently New Voices protections in 14 states, and advocacy groups active in most states. The New Voices Summit will provide an opportunity for you to join the New Voices movement, to share strategies and experiences and to consider new strategies for the future. New Voices is a volunteer-led, state-based movement. State organizers and activists are welcome to share strategies and plan for 2018-19 legislative sessions and think about creative ideas to build national momentum. Which states hold the most promise in the coming legislative year? What are the strategies and tactics that have been most effective? Learn how to build bi-partisan, broad based coalitions in your state, engage legislators and lay out the facts to the naysayers. Come be part of the growing momentum and make a difference where you live.
Hadar Harris, Mike Hiestand and Diana Mitsu Klos, Student Press Law Center

Opinion Writing
Opinions are like …. Well, everyone’s got one. Why should readers want to hear yours? Whether you’re writing a staff editorial, an op-ed column or a music review, you’ve got to grab the readers’ attention, contribute something new to the debate, and give the piece a reason to exist. This session will show you how to gather the facts that you need, present compelling details and call your readers to action in a way that will make a difference for them and for you.
Pam Platt, formerly Louisville Courier Journal; Chris Evans, College Media Association/University of Vermont

Reinforce Your Reporting with Google Tools | FREE
Google Tools are extremely useful for journalists from verification to research and data visualization. In this session, you will be introduced to a wide array of tools that can enhance your reporting. Google Trends can focus on how you can use the tool to find story ideas and how to spot content interest for specific audiences. Google Maps can enhance and help visualize your story to get your users more engaged. We’ll also visit other cool tools from Google Translate to Google Scholar and more.
Andy Boyle, Axios

Reinventing Your Bottom Line
The digital journalism era has not only changed how we cover our university but it has also changed how advertisers spend their money. We know print revenue continues to drop but what are you doing to find new ways to meet the needs of today’s advertisers that want to reach your students? All schools that register for this workshop will receive information to join College Media Business and Advertising Managers (CMBAM).
Chris Richert, Michigan State University/College Media Business and Advertising Managers

Storytelling Through Video Journalism
The best video stories rely on three elements often ignored: sound, character development, and effective editing. This session will give you a three-part crash course that will focus on gathering natural sound and strong voices to give life to your subjects; on character development, to identify compelling human stories and translate those to the screen and to sound; and editing, to help build drama and a narrative that viewers identify with.
Derek Poore, CBS Interactive